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How We Work?

Сourse Of Action

You share your video production project requirements, objectives, ideas, and references.

 1  Share the Project Brief

We’ll create a video story concept note to share our creative ideas
and plan. (must bay the fees)

 2  Create the Concept Note

Approve the concept note, agree on the scope of work and finalize the project timelines.

 3  Confirm the Project

Our creative team will create the script and storyboard to illustrate directions, dialogues, and shots planned.

 4  Create the Script + Storyboard

Our expert crew of creative directors, cameramen, and gaffers will shoot in line with the script.

 5  Plan Production

After you approve the drafts, we’ll deliver the final video to successfully complete your project.

 7  Final Video Delivery

Our seasoned team of videographers, animators, and editors will create drafts for you to approve.

 6  Post Production
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