Successful Projects

Harri Farm
Versace Jewellery Jeddah

In collaboration with Hia Magazine and Samra International – DMCC – JLT to producing the new Butiqe of Versace in Jeddah City - Alkhyat Center.

Nafisa Shams Academy

Nafis Shams Acedemy, Bab Rizq Jameel - Jeddah

Pepsi Campaign 2013 "Now"

3 days of photo shooting of this project was a big chalenge with our tema.

Sergio Collection 2013 Fashion Photography

At the middel of 2012 we starting the story board of this brand and put the concept of shooting and design of artwork, and this's 2013 we done the concept No 2 for this year with a deferent concept and color of pages and photography.  

Pizza Fusion: Food Photography

This's the second compaign we did for pizza fusion Restaurant with the same concept that we mad the story board and layout of the artwork. 

Unilever annual day: Corporate Photography

Unilever announce and celebrate for annual day by made all staff were arranged as a "U" shape. 

Zyphra Car: Car Photography

In 2009 a greate photo shoot - Jeddah city.